Toyota Melbourne

Giving the freedom of movement to humankind

Supporting their vision of ‘Mobility for All’, Toyota’s new 5000sqm workplace looks out over Caribbean Lake & Gardens and offers opportunities for their team to move and collaborate.

For Toyota, mobility is about ‘giving the freedom of movement to humankind’ and exploring solutions for the future.

This workplace houses Toyota’s financial services teams and is split across three floors, designed in an agile manner in order to move with Toyota in to the future. The design of an interconnecting stair and the positioning of key meeting spaces and amenities became an important focus of the project. As well as encouraging physical movement and wellness, the stair is a chance to bump in to team members from other floors. Similarly, the small hubs feature basic food preparation equipment in order to encourage staff to meet together in the Major Hub, centrally located on level two.

The Major Hub faces South East to capture views of Caribbean Lake & Gardens, and its natural light draws people to meet together for meals as well as informal meetings. In turn, the exchange of information in a social setting helps to build a healthy culture.

Teams are also encouraged to use meeting spaces such as the Idea Garage, a hackable space that can be moved and reconfigured to suit the needs of the team. With mobile furniture and writable surfaces, agile teams can adapt traditional meeting rooms in to flexible environments that offer the freedom to collaborate.