The Nest Childcare Centre

Lifelong Learning Starts Here

More of a home away from home than a drop off, The Nest, our latest childcare centre for the Commonwealth Bank, supports children and parents alike by focusing on nurturing a holistic family experience.

Focusing on an inclusive approach that sees the family as intrinsic to better learning, the Nest effectively functions as an extension of the home environment.

Located within Japanese architect Kengo Kuma’s first Australian building, The Exchange Darling Square, the circular building is wrapped in a breathtaking swirl of sustainably sourced timber.  Approaching the circular layout as a clock, each internal space in the Centre is a segment appropriate to scale and use.

The Davenport Campbell design team had the benefit of working directly with the architect and developer from inception which allowed the best possible outcomes in terms of aspect, light, stair locations and security.

Drawing on the concept of bird eggs, the palette is informed by muted blues, greens and peach in soft rounded shapes with interior surfaces of a high sustainability value earning the fitout a 6-Star Green Star rating.

Graphics and logo design by THERE