Knowing we’ve designed a workplace that brings joy and vitality to Mastercard teams? Priceless.

As one of the world’s most recognised and respected brands, Mastercard operates in 210 countries and territories worldwide. Davenport Campbell has worked with Mastercard to bring together staff from four separate locations to create ‘One Mastercard’ in Sydney.

The new 7200sqm headquarters in St Leonards brings teams together in a space that feels connected to the global brand and grounded by the familiar characteristics of local life.

By relating specific spaces within the fitout to areas of Sydney, places of collaboration and focus feel comfortable and engaging.

Nothing says social gathering and refreshment like Sydney beaches, a theme that is carried into the hubs where a coastal palette brings an energy and life to the space. Similarly, team workshop areas evoke the garage in a suburban family home, where teams are given a relaxed environment and the right tools to innovate & invent.

Whilst ever expanding in their global reach, the new Mastercard headquarters shows their people that there’s still no place like home.