Konica Minolta

What would it look like if our leaders put people first in the design of their new workplace?

Konica Minolta’s vision is to give shape to ideas.

The purpose of this project was to put people at the centre of their mission to create an activated, engaging & collaborative environment. It is this democratic approach that won them a Human Rights Award in 2018 and is reflected in their new workplace.


As true collaborators, the Konica Minolta team decided to remove all offices and underutilised spaces.

Reclaiming this space gave us an opportunity to design new focus rooms & larger communal areas that could be enjoyed by all, and to reduce the overall footprint by 25%.


Davenport Campbell also focused on making spaces work smarter.

We chose to focus the modest budget on areas that would boost the sharing of ideas and connect people in new and exciting ways.


There are also clever nods to the printing heritage of Konica Minolta. Paper tubes are used as divider screens & table bases, and geometric forms within wall features are based on the ratio between standard paper sizes.


The arrival space has been transformed from a large empty space to a more meaningful first impression.

The new reception showcases Konica Minolta as innovators and offers a glimpse of their energetic teams at work. The macramé screen references the Japanese culture of paper folding, proudly displaying their diamond logo to celebrate the Konica Minolta brand.