Jordan Springs Community Hub

The heart of the Jordan Springs Community

The Jordan Springs Community Hub is a vibrant place for locals to gather, to learn, to meet neighbours and is a place the whole community can use. By fostering the interaction of residents, the Hub brings people in this new community together creating greater social cohesion.

The Hub is one of the most sustainable community buildings in NSW. It is one of the first examples of single story CLT construction in Australia. This highly innovative prefabricated solid timber structural system can be carbon neutral. A geothermal heating and cooling system reduces C02 emissions for air conditions by 50%.  The rooftop photovoltaic array offsets a significant amount of the buildings lighting energy requirement, saving 25.6 tonnes in CO2 emissions

The design redefines the standard of development for community centres. This project sets a higher benchmark for future facilities.

Every part of the Hub has been designed with the community in mind, and it has the highest standard of accessibility. It is the first public building in NSW to be constructed from cross-laminated timber, a lightweight and strong engineered wood product, and also includes a sustainable geothermal heating and cooling system.

Penrith Mayor Cr John Thain