HSBC Retail Barangaroo

A Premium and Authentic Experience

Over the past five years, HSBC has trusted Davenport Campbell to challenge it’s retail standards and these honest conversations have led to a greater alignment of the branch experience with the HSBC brand. The project team was united in their goal to create a sophisticated and authentic experience, and agreed to explore digital displays as a dynamic means of reinforcing the HSBC brand.

Rather than static graphic elements, HSBC have created relevant and engaging content to support the elegant branch design.

This new flagship branch at Barangaroo sets out to make waiting enjoyable, with an experience that is less about transactions and more about the customer. Its concierge style model bring service to the customer and reduces counter based interactions. Instead of waiting in line, customers are invited to make themselves comfortable with a coffee, an iPad and wireless charging before being approached by a service team member.

At Barangaroo, premium natural materials such as oak timber flooring and Arabescato Corchia marble reflect the integrity of the brand. Large LED screens create a ribbon that wraps the core of the building and allows HSBC live messaging to reach the 25,000 people who pass the branch day and night. HSBC Barangaroo is contemporary and refined, with warm materials and spectacularly resolved details that echo the level of attention and care provided by HSBC service teams.