Gardens are for People

Inspired by the Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria, this newly commissioned workplace provides a sanctuary against the backdrop of an ever expanding global city.


This biophilic concept embeds the benefits of mindfulness and wellness into a super charged and high performance workplace environment.


A circulation path around the core encourages movement and is named after The Tan of the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, offering access to key destinations for discovery, reflection and inspiration.


The path also leads to a terrace-inspired kitchen where polished concrete floors and exposed ceilings create a

sense of openness. Multi-purpose spaces have been named after the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and informal

spaces after the Tecoma & Stapley Pavilions. The library references a tropical glasshouse and nooks act as

grottos, providing protected spaces for respite and focus. These quiet spaces respond to the client’s desire for

places that “support our people to relax and top up”.


Wrapping the core meeting rooms, historical botanical images have been brought to life through collaboration

with artist Ryan Hanrahan on large scale graphics.


Recognising customisation as a critical success factor for the operation of the business, we designed a modular grid system to define neighbourhoods and create huddle spaces that can be adapted by users. Teams can customise spaces by flipping between whiteboards and pinboards, adding presentation screens and introducing planting and team paraphernalia.


Whilst acknowledging that technology is at the core of this business, this new workplace recognises that people need places to retreat and recharge and that the humble garden gives us all the right cues to unlock the benefits of a nature-based design concept.