Federal Government Organisation, Newcastle

When Light and Warmth Prevail

“We want to create a workplace that focuses on the human being before the human doing.” 
Darlene Perks, CEO

We are thrilled to have completed a 4,200sqm workplace for a federal government organisation that celebrates wellbeing and supports hybrid working, creating seamless and intuitive connections between employees.

The space was designed around the rhythm of light throughout the day, supporting employees in their innate desire for biophilia through access to natural light and timber. It is this light that provides warmth and comfort; that activates, that enables collaboration and that connects all spaces.

An interconnecting stair is illuminated as a tool for movement and connection, leading to a large town hall anchored in the heart of the workspace. Warm timbers are used to create a central boulevard and a visual cue to connect the multiple collaborative and social spaces.

Both innovative and elegant, technology and biophilia are amassed in this workspace through a hand-crafted quality of detailing and a simplicity of forms.

"Davenport Campbell were easy to work with and quickly understood the culture of our organisation."

Darlene Perks, CEO