Commonwealth Bank Place

An Australian First

The CBA’s 2 new buildings at CBP represent the completion of masterplan that has consolidated the Bank’s Sydney and metropolitan accommodation into 3 distinct campus developments – Sydney CBD, Sydney Olympic Park, and Parramatta.

The purpose of this strategy was to align the Bank’s operational, cultural and property requirements and in doing so, create a series of innovative workplaces that support the Bank’s values of transparency, collaboration and innovation.

Activity Based Working was the logical workplace strategy as it supported mobility and flexibility allowing CBA’s personnel to work anywhere and at any time.

The Bank benefits from a 90% reduction in churn costs, 60% reduction in paper usage and significant energy savings, not to mention a 20% space saving and a highly energised workforce.

Commonwealth Bank Place is the first campus development in Australia to implement Activity Based Working, and is the most awarded workplace in Australia.

In order to have activity based working and not hot-desking, you need three elements. You need the physical environment, to have a myriad of different settings to fit different activities. You need the technology. And then it’s the change component, the behaviours that enable us to work.

Jennifer Saiz, Head of Construction and Design – CBA