Leading Australian interior design and architecture firm, Davenport Campbell, is excited to unveil its latest workplace design innovation at the recently opened Mirvac Headquarters in Sydney.

Fostering a sense of community and belonging among employees was the driving force behind Davenport Campbell’s design concept at the new Headquarters, located at 200 George St.

Neill Johanson, Co Principal at Davenport Campbell and Head Designer on the project, highlighted that delivering a space that encompasses the Mirvac values and its vision for the future was essential in crafting the office workspace.

“To ensure the Headquarters would be beneficial to both employer and employee, we developed as the ‘Living Lab’, an innovative pilot space” he said. “This space allowed Mirvac’s employees to become familiar with the new way of working, voice concerns, ask questions and provide feedback.

“This also allowed us to observe the teams at work and re-adjust any design functions prior to finalising a successful workplace environment for Mirvac. To encourage collaboration and community we also included objects that would evoke a sense of home and ‘humanising’ spaces.

One of the key learnings from the Living Lab was the importance of connectivity within the workplace.

Mirvac’s new Headquarters is an innovative six level office space that includes a combination of highly collaborative and focussed “neighbourhoods” to accommodate the different work styles of Mirvac staff. Neighbourhoods are connected on each level by a “breakout space” that helps to anchor employees and give them a greater sense of choice, ownership and creativity in their day.

To further maximise the opportunities for connection and engagement across the six levels, Davenport Campbell also developed an innovative vertical plan complete with interconnecting stairs that link workspaces across multiple floors.

“There is no ‘one size fits all’ template for collaborative workplace design,” added Neill. “In line with this, we take the approach that the balance between focused spaces, collaborative spaces, meeting spaces and the array of different workplace types is something that must be carefully balanced to ensure a bespoke solution is delivered to suit the specific needs of a business.”




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