Caring about the planet is important to us. Designing in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way has always been at the heart of what we do and now with the evolving discussion about what constitutes as a healthy interior environment we have set out to re-define the core elements of sustainable design.
SWELL is our new initiative designed to bring together sustainability and wellness in a cohesive and thoughtful way. The cost of an unhealthy and disengaged workforce is a staggering $22 billion in lost productivity in Australia and New Zealand per annum.
Its within this context that we undertook a companywide workshop to explore how we can improve human health by designing better workplaces.
Healthy food choices, wellbeing programs and flexible working choices need to combine with a workplace that encourages movement, settings that support sitting and standing and spaces that eliminate environmental toxins, minimize noise distractions and provide connections to nature.
The outcomes from this workshop will form our new design tools SWELL and lead to improved health outcomes for the people who work in the places we create for them.