Having already been shortlisted in the INDE and Australian Interior Design Awards, we are thrilled to add to the arsenal of ‘The Foundry’, located at South Eveleigh, a feature published in the latest issue of Indesign.

The Foundry was designed to embody a next generation workplace, and in turn offer a vision for the future of co-working and collaboration, allowing the client, Commonwealth Bank, to bring together tech innovators, entrepreneurs, educators, and the community. The technological overlay ensures interfaces for access, amenities and space optimisation were intuitive and adaptable for a changing context.

The Foundry is huge, covering 50,000sqm and earning the tag of ‘groundscaper’. However, rather than being a boundless labyrinth of space, hierarchical sequencing of spaces and activated sidewalks create intuitive wayfinding, catering to individuals and groups of all sizes.

An ever-present hum of activity swells within the greater structure, which celebrates its heritage as a pioneering industrial site where rail infrastructure was created. Homage to this history is evident through the ‘lightly’ inserted floor plates and refined material palette.

We are thrilled to share this project.

Base building architect: FJMT Studio

See the project in the latest issue (84) of Indesign or read more about the project here.