As a prize to the top three 3rd year Interior Architecture students from the University of New South Wales, Davenport Campbell recently hosted a dynamic workshop to explore the future of workplace in 2025.

The workshop engaged the fresh ideas of three UNSW students along with graduates from KPMG to offer perspectives outside of design. Two teams were formed from a mix of students, graduates and designers, working through design thinking activities to explore the potential impact of co-working, artificial intelligence, technology and community. By collaborating and distilling the key themes, the groups sketched a kit of parts to represent what we will be doing, seeing and feeling in the workplace of 2025.

Some sketches challenged the potential of materials and furniture to perform multiple new functions for users. Others grappled with the expanding potential for technology to enable work ‘anywhere’ and to make life easier, along with the ethical risks of identity collection and the dissolution of boundaries between work and personal life.

We are still digesting this food for thought, and look forward to future collaborations with UNSW and key clients as part of our ongoing commitment to education and innovation.