Art has always been a powerful way to change the way we feel within a space – spurring a conversation or a quiet moment of thought amidst a busy day. A curated art selection formed a central role in our recently completed refurbishment of Darling Park. Given the scale and open plan nature of the project,  we incorporated art to create a more personal and intimate atmosphere throughout.

Davenport Campbell worked in collaboration with art consultant Natalia Bradshaw to curate pieces for Darling park tower 2 & 3. We briefed Natalia on the scope, material palette & design intent, and provided art rails and lighting on feature walls around the core and perimeter. Natalia really understood the project vision – as result the art looks at home in the space, defining each area with it’s own personality. Visitors can appreciate this as they walk between towers, sit for a coffee, or as they pass by sculptures in the common area.