In 2015 a series of earthquakes devastated communities all over Nepal destroying well over 5000 schools.

Helping to lift the lives of the children from a mangled and impoverished environment has to start somewhere and for us it was forming a partnership with the Australian Himalayan Foundation and focusing all our efforts on the rebuilding the school at Garma. This school which also caters for special needs children is one of Nepal’s most remote and worst effected schools.

Our role was to develop a masterplan for the site, help raise funds, send personnel there and work in collaboration with other architects, engineers and the NGO REED

Our connection with Nepal runs deep.

At the end of 2016 it was a proud moment to be part of the school opening ceremony and to see how the lives of 350 school children and 17 teachers have been transformed

Our new goal is to design, fund and build a community hall for the community at Garma. This new building will act not only as a hub for local village but will continue to help the emotional and spiritual healing of the community

It’s a big goal and we would be very keen to hear from you if you’d like to donate or participate in the physical reconstruction that is scheduled to take place at the end of 2018 – just click on the link

We are also committed to supporting Two Good and Nourish. After 3 years we are starting to see the positive difference our contribution is making to homeless women that have fled domestic violence and are now living in shelters by keeping them healthy.