People with a passion for their work and a desire to belong to a community of like-minded designers, are our kind of people.

Davenport Campbell is a place where designers and architects make a difference everyday.

We’re a small, tightly-knit design firm, with a knack for producing innovative, quality design work that changes the way people use the space they live and work in.

As a leading Australian design studio we have shaped the workplaces and cultures of some of Australia’s biggest companies, such as the Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, NRMA, IBM, KPMG and Mirvac.

At DC, you can build a brilliant career and shape the future of Australian workplace design, amid a culture of excellence, autonomy and community.

If you care about influencing the way people work for the better and want to belong to a community of passionate and bright professionals get in touch with us today.


Join us to work on some of the biggest workplace design transformations in Australia.
Davenport Campbell has created commercial office designs for some of the Top 100 Australian companies.

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What are you designed for?

As a small firm we value the quality of our people and the strengths they bring to our culture, more than their job title.

When you join us you’ll be given the opportunity the to grow, professionally and personally.

We offer a rich environment to develop your career and explore your unique interests and passions in design and architecture.

You’ll have a planned career path, access to challenging projects, a personal mentor to guide your development and learning opportunities to enhance your skills and talents, both through formal professional development and through informal peer-to-peer sessions in the studio. We might even send to you to an exciting trip overseas to capture the big ideas emerging around the world if you’re lucky!

Culture makes us great

When we ask clients why they choose to work with DC they invariably say it’s about our culture.

That’s not surprising as we believe our culture helps us be the best we can be everyday.

Culture is the sum of how we behave and treat each other in every interaction, everyday. It expresses our values.

At DC we value excellence: the relentless drive to produce quality work that stretches us intellectually and emotionally to do the best for our clients.

Design a better world

By nature designers want to change things for the better.

At DC we see our role as shaping a better way of living and working, not just for business and commercial work, but extending to the community at large. When you join DC you’ll have the opportunity to use your design talents for social change. DC has an active community engagement program to volunteer our time and talent to meaningful social development and positive change.

Our current projects include partnering with the Australian Himalayan Foundation to help rebuild the schools of Nepal that were destroyed by an earthquake in 2015. Led by our inspirational Everest climber and principal Neill Johanson, a team of our young designers are currently developing an earthquake proof Hall for the community of Garma, a small village 60 km South West of Mt Everest.


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